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Keeping your cool: Resilience and dealing with setbacks

If you have read our last blog post, you would have seen we had a pretty rough time during the conveyance of #ASP14. Loads of setbacks. Loads of delays. Lots of angry people - to put it lightly.

This month’s blog post is all about resilience as a developer.

Let’s face it, at some stage along the journey, you’re going to get set backs - if not right at the beginning! Everything from agents not turning up for a viewing or better still not even getting to the viewing stage before missing out.

Delays during conveyance, chain breaks, finding out all sorts of things during searches and survey stage.

And if you manage to get to completion and get the key - in comes all the lovely things that can potentially go wrong during the refurb. Trades not turning up, lost or broken deliveries, building control, material shortages & supply issues, managing your budget, unexpected structural work - the list is endless with this one.

Am I selling you the dream yet?

There are so many things that can go wrong and make you frustrated. Sometimes even make you question why you do this to yourself. Here are my top tips to resilience:

1) It’s going to happen - It’s part of the process.

You have to expect problems and eat them for breakfast. Have a property problem-solving mindset and think of ways to alleviate the issue and be a solutions' provider.

2) Control what you can, but allow for flexibility.

You can only do what you can. You can’t help material shortages, but you can allow more time for any supply issues. You can’t help sickness, but you can manage having a back-up trade if Plan A fails.

3) It’s down to you - the solutions' provider.

Take responsibility for it. It’s very easy to say it’s someone else's fault, but often it won’t resolve the issue. Take control of the situation.

4) Plan in breaks -

Every now and then, ensure you switch off. And I mean switch off. Take a break. Go on a holiday and put that out of office on or do whatever makes you feel relaxed and thinking about something else. Regular breaks prevent burn out, keeps you in focus and often gives you inspiration and releases creativity.

5) The right people -

The right people can make or break you. However, you may find you have to kiss a few frogs in order to find your prince, whether this be employees or service providers. Keep going, til you find the perfect person to help your business grow (and then never let them go!)

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