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Updated: Aug 6, 2021

According to Property Investor Today, women now make up almost 50% of all Buy to Let Investors.

Not only that, it’s a fast growing sector too.

Why is this?

  • Stable, long term financial benefits through capital growth

  • Growing demand, with ⅓ of millennials aiming to rent into retirement

  • Income / cashflow from BTL investments

  • A sensible way to diversify a portfolio from the likes of Shares, ISAs & cryptocurrencies

  • Competing with fewer professional investors compared with the stockmarket

Gender aside, property is a great way to get what I would call, the “double dipper” - cashflow in the short term, capital growth in the long term. Cashflow is what keep the business running, but really it’s the long term capital gains that keep the portfolio growing & scaling - well it is in our case anyway.

It’s great to see more women in the BTL sector keeping the tabs on their own investments - more investors, more landlords. The scene is constantly changing with a wave of new legislation both on the landlord and tax front and us investors need be one step ahead of the game. Always!

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